Trying to keep up with ArcoLinux

Fresh install AAG ArcoLinuxB KDE-Plasma-v19.03.3-Dell-Opt-3010
New Version Kernel: 5.0.0-arch1-1-ARC
It has already been two months since I decided to switch from Manjaro to ArcoLinux. The pace of the project is dizzying, with no less than 26 ArcoLinux .iso images being released monthly.
In addition to the original version of ArcoLinux with Openbox, XFCE & I3 and ArcoLinuxd (the CLI “Arch Way” version) there are 12 different ArcoLinuxb (24 in all)Window Manger versions, each with its own minimal version for those who want to customize the software installation.
With all of this going on, if one just follows the project, they will learn more about Arch than any other of the easy install Arch based distributions. IMHO.
At any rate it seems like a fresh install (numerous actually) every month, forces me to become a better admin
and the configuration continues…